TOP 5 Wellness Retreats

From CO2 mineral baths, Ayurveda, barefoot walking, beer wellness to stress relief mud bath. Find out which are n our opinion the Top 5 wellness retreats that offer this amazing programmes.


1. CO2 Mineral Baths
Bathing in natural mineral water that is rich in carbon dioxide has an invigorating effect on the body: it expands capillaries in the skin, triggers a reflex expansion of veins and increases the blood flow. The drop in peripheral resistance eases the work of the heart and brings more oxygen and other vital substances into the organs. The improved circulation also helps the body to remove waste matter faster and in larger quantities. The functioning of the organs improves and the body is stronger, regenerates faster and has improved resistance. Try it in Radenci Health Resort!


2. Ayurveda
Ayurveda is an Indian holistic method based on the oldest traditions in the world. Ayurvedic treatments are excellent supplementary treatments to Western medicine. The treatments are beneficial if the body is exhausted, if it is adversely affected by the effects of modern civilisation, in the case of joint problems, backache, stress, asthma, hypertonia, stomach complaints and skin problems. In line with its basic principles, it assists in the purification of the body and the activation of self-healing processes through a variety of oil massages, oil infusions, heat therapy, inhalation, bathing and a conscious lifestyle.


3. Barefoot walking
How many times a year do you take your shoes off and walk barefoot? In most cases the answer is: not enough. You can learn about the soothing effect of barefoot walking at Terme Olimia experiential park. This kind of walking eases muscle tension, decreases problems accompanying chronic leg illnesses, eliminates stress and sleeping disorders, and menstrual cramping with women.


4. Beer Wellness
Beer has – like wine – rich tradition, history and culture. Being aware of the importance of nature’s wealth and healing effects of natural elements and for respecting extraction of local natural and cultural heritage, Thermana Laško have developed unique beer wellness treatments in which they use beer products. Many cereals are the basis of any good beer (barley, wheat, rye, oats), they are a rich source of vitamin E, which is most welcome for the protection and at the same time, restoration of the skin. Beer wellness is suitable for young as well as mature skin, for men and for women, they refund skin softness and elasticity.


5. Stress Relief Mud Bath
This treatment is carried out in a bath at a temperature of about 34 °C to which Hévíz liquid mud is added. The positive effects of the mud from Hévíz are well known. Because of chemical components of the mud it is a perfect therapy to combat stress, fatigue and stress. In addition the mud is rich in mineral ingredients that detoxify the skin and body, improve the blood circulation and complement lost minerals, whilst, at the same time, leave the skin feeling regenerated and toned.

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