The 8th Spa and Wellness trade show SPA-CE underlines personal experience

The first and only trade show for Spa and Wellness tourism in Central Europe, SPA-CE, will this week welcome Spa and Wellness providers and hosted buyers from 14 different countries at the eight edition of the show in Dolenjske Toplice, Slovenia. The yearly business event that will present new ideas for a relaxed and healthy way of living will open its doors on the 17th of November 2016.

After being organized in Hévíz, Hungary last year, SPA-CE is returning to Slovenia for another great B2B event focused on networking and creating new business connections. Maja Pak, Director of the Slovenian Tourist Board, emphasized: “Slovenia and the Slovenian Tourist Board are proud to host the SPA-CE trade show, this year to be held in Dolenjske Toplice, one of the oldest Spa resorts in Europe. Slovenia is amongst the world’s richest countries in terms of water resources – also in terms of healing thermal and mineral water springs – and our exciting range of tourism options has been built on the grounds of this natural resource, whose benefits are in health and rejuvenation. Slovenia has 14 natural Spa resorts with centuries-old tradition, oriented toward medical and wellness tourism. They have developed green, active and healthy experiences for body, mind and soul.” Jože Berus, Managing Director of Terme Krka as the host added: “Terme Krka is best known for its Spa tourism, relaxation, sports and recreational programmes as well as several opportunities for organising various seminars, congresses, meetings, trainings, and other events. Our motto – living a healthy life – is reflected in all Terme Krka business units. What makes us stand out is the interlacement of medical and wellness services, which offer our guests better well-being and an improvement of their mental and physical state in curative and preventive programmes. On behalf of the host – Terme Dolenjske Toplice Spa – I wish all participants a positive experience and a pleasant stay.”

SPA-CE, organized by Slovenian Spa Association and marketing agency Go.Mice/Toleranca marketing, is each year gaining greater international recognition and establishing a stronger position on the Spa and Wellness market. Iztok Altbauer, Managing director of Slovenian Spa Association explained: We are honoured to be able to say that once again a very strong interest has been shown by providers of the spa and Wellness offer from the Central European Region as well as by hosted buyers coming to Slovenia mainly from European countries. We are happy to have this year a stronger presence also from tour operators from UAE that have finally added SPA-CE to their business calendars. Again we have put a lot of effort into careful selection of the participants, giving priority to new and serious hosted buyers. We are excited to be able to say that 85 % of participants will this year discover SPA-CE for the first time.”


SPA-CE now in its eight year, attracted key spa and wellness providers from Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia. In the following days they will meet with cherry-picked hosted buyers coming to Dolenjske Toplice from all around the world including Dubai and Israel. Next to having business meetings they will also be able to experience the local Spa and Wellness offer and hospitality. Iztok Altbauer said: “In 2016 we are welcoming a couple of novelties. The participants will experience something new by attending special team bonding programmes in form of 4 interactive workshops offering personal experience in Health & Nutrition, Wellness Treatments, Medical Treatment and Program for Healthy Lifestyle. Also new this year will be the Medical Spa Expert Forum where a German team of medical doctors in cooperation with Fit & Vital Reisen and Slovenian Tourist Board will participate in a discussion dedicated to prevention programmes in Slovenian Natural Spas.”

Majda Rozina Dolenc, Head of Slovenian Tourism Board Germany, stressed: “Medical Spa Expert Forum, in scope of SPA-CE 2016, is an excellent base for a breakthrough of medical tourist offer of Slovenia on the German market because of the complex business talks that must include specialized tourist service providers as well as specialized doctors and health insurance companies. In cooperation with Slovenian Spa Association we provide to the German market adequate presence in the offers of organizers of these trips, we are in talks with insurance companies but within SPA-CE, we will offer education and presentation of Slovenian Spas’ offer to a larger group of German doctors.”

In scope of the event, organizers have again prepared also an interesting Conference programme highlighted by a round table on a burning topic “On-line Vs Off line tour operators and global distribution systems and how do we cope with both”.

Hosted buyers, many of them coming to Slovenia for the first time, will conclude their SPA-CE experience with a fully hosted Fam Trip that will confirm the information received during one2one meetings and present the Slovenia Spa and Wellness offer in full.

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