Welcome to wonderful Balnea Welness Centre

The well-being has never been more important in this crazy, fast and energetic world. That is why wellness and SPA centres are becoming an oasis for finding peace of mind and recharging the batteries. Balnea wellness centre is located in a beautiful surrounding at the edge of spas park with hundred-year-old trees.

On its 9200 square metres it offers pools, saunas, baths, massages, facial and body care and also services for health in 3 different but connected areas: Laguna, Oaza and Aura. Recharge your batteries – try the massages, facial and body treatments at Aura, enjoy the world of saunas at Oaza, unwind and find your inner peace with positive effects of thermal water and enjoy luxurious water delights at Laguna.

All of health programmes are connected with efficiency of thermal water that has a temperature the same as the human body. The medicinal characteristics of thermal water were first analyzed in 1777 and the first bathing building was built in the mid-17th century.The healing thermal water is widely used in their wellness offer in the form of a bath, inhalation, a wrap or as a drinking therapy and also in medical treatments for health and prevention programs.

Come and experience the magic of one of the most prominent wellness centre and personally experience the well-being experience its guests are praising on. Definitely a truly boutique and top experience you will never forget!

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