Selfness – For a more balanced and fuller life

In Slovenian natural spas, selfness serves the mind and spirit, not just relaxation. The establishment of spiritual and mental health together with physical vitality charges us with positive energy. These are the findings and wisdom that guests take home with them.



  • Quiet, unique locations and a relaxing natural environment, refined with the power of natural healing resources.
  • Physical activities and relaxation, and so much more! The spas have developed activities and therapies that show you the way to your inner »self« and methods for quality co-existence with others and with nature, stress management and successful coping with the challenges of modern life. Detoxification, energy medicine, learning about self-healing techniques and better self-satisfaction.
  • An integrated approach to a healthy life attitude based on a combination of modern and ancient techniques of relaxation, medication and medico-wellness.
  • Energy morning exercises, breathing exercises, meditation, voice therapy, barefoot walking, baths in the forest, house rituals, etc.
  • Selection of healthy dishes from local farms for food and a life filled with good energy.

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