Results of the survey about the future of spa, wellness and health tourism

The organisers of the SPA-CE wanted to find out what tourist agencies and tour operators think about the future. We are glad to share their optimism as 42.9% believe that individual travel to foreign countries will recover already in summer 2021 and 26.4% say it will recover in autumn 2021.

Most of the respondents answered that the group travel will be back in autumn 2021 (35.7%) or in spring 2022 (28.6%). Most of them also believe that the role of the agents will not change – when deciding for travelling abroad, travellers will depend on agencies more than ever before. One of the respondees added that respect for the B2B supply chain: supplier-tour operator-travel agency-final client, will gain importance.

42% of respondents expect there will be a higher demand for wellness and health tourism.

Alongside sea & sun holidays, beauty treatments, obesity treatments, and prevention programmes will continue to stay on the top of the most sought programmes by their clients in 2022.

We asked tourist agencies and tour operators representatives which factors they believe will be crucial when choosing travel destinations?

They have ranked the following factors from most important to least important:

1. constant care for prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 infection
2. high percentage of vaccination in the country
3. accessibility by plane
4. value for money
5. accessibility by car
6. less crowded destinations
7. the natural environment

Answers that we got to the question »What would motivate your clients to travel?« are very important for tourist destinations and individual suppliers. Respondents had to choose 3 from 7 factors:

50.0 % professional services
50.0 % of the destination’s reputation
42.9 % objective information about the safety of a destination
28.6 % low prices
21.4 % knowing the destination
7.1 % personnel speaking foreign languages
7.1 % of the destination’s vicinity (accessible by car or by bus)

Other factors added by respondents:
– Unique offerings
– the need for medical treatment
– Flexible reservation/cancellation policies and payments, group-special rates and conditions

The survey was made between April and June 2021.

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