Leading IT solution providers in Slovenia and Croatia join forces

A complete information system for thermal tourism combines the software solutions of two companies which each in their own field provide information support to all the processes that take place in a hotel, which also offers spa and medical rehabilitation services.

On one hand, it offers to its end users the BIRPIS21 information solution, developed by SRC Infonet, which provides information support to healthcare processes within the organization, such as processes in specialist outpatient clinics, patient physiotherapy, medical rehabilitation in nursing departments, connectivity with national eHealth solutions, paperless business processes, billing and invoicing services, as well as business analytics.

On the other hand, the complete information system includes the Laserline hotel system, which covers all the necessary processes such as hotel business processes, online booking, catering, wellness and sports services, purchasing and material management, CRM, BI, B2B business, payroll and daily expenses calculation, as well as revenue and cost planning.

The IT solutions are seamlessly integrated and handle a guest in a unified manner throughout the entire process of treatment and his hotel stay. Data exchange is performed according to predefined protocols and allows system users to have complete control over the guest management, as well as providing control and transparency of business operations to the management of the organization.

SRC Infonet and Laserline are companies with more than 25 years of experience in IT communications and provide their clients in Slovenia and Croatia complete solutions that optimize processes and offer a competitive edge.

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