With Adria to Ljubljana airport and beyond

Adria Airways aims to offer you the widest possible range of options for your journey, to bring your departure or arrival airports closer to you, and to make your travel plans simpler and easier.

That is why we have joined forces with bus and minibus operators to offer you road transfers in addition to flights and in this way help you get from the airport to your chosen destination. Timetables for airport transfer services are coordinated with the arrivals and departures of Adria flights.

Adria Airways offers road transfers from Ljubljana Airport to the airports (or railway/bus stations) in Portorož, Zagreb Maribor, Venice, Klagenfurt and Trieste and back again.

Booking a transfer is very simple. You can book your whole journey including a minibus transfer directly through the website by selecting the actual start or end point of your journey. The price you pay for your flight will also include the cost of the transfer.

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