The hearty story

It is necessary to keep our hearts healthy for the inevitable falling in love in Spring time. Joking aside, it is undeniably important to keep our hearts and blood vessels healthy and the Radenci Hotel Resort has been, as one of the pioneers, very much aware of this fact for the last 135 years.

In order to connect the professional knowledge with care for the health of the Slovenian and foreign population, the Radenci Hotel Resort offered on September 29th — marking its 135th Birtday and, beautifully rounding it off with the same day’s celebration of the World Heart Day — , a special package of »135 minutes«. To bring awareness of the importance of strengthening the cardiovascular system, the guests were able to collect minutes of healthy activities, like gymnastics, walking, hiking, running, and fitness. As the matter of fact, not less and not more of 135 different exercises (!) for heart strengthening were offered. Those who desired, could also get free checking of the blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels. Instructions on how to prepare a drink and a dessert for a healthy heart, and even programmes for children were as well included into a hearty weekend event. All in all, the participants who collected 135 minutes of healthy activities (one minute for every year of Resort’s existence), received free 180 minutes of soaking and swimming in the Resort’s thermal pools.

The Radenci Hotel Resort has decided for this project for it has been, already since 1882, one of the most appreciated Hotel Resorts in Europe offering thermal baths filled with mineral water bubbling straigth out of the Earth. This mineral water, in bottled form called Radenska and renowned for its symbol of three red hearts, has proven incredibly positive health effects on the cardiovascular system. Radenska’s high level of non-added carbon dioxide makes it not just one of the most minerally waters for thermal bathing, but also one of the most minerally drinking waters in the World.

In Radenci they filled the first bottle of mineral water bubbling out of the earth already in 1869. The Resort’s main activities are connected to treating cardiovascular disease. Nowadays the Resort offers its healing powers to around 45 thousand guests a year. The Resort, combining the medical and wellness center, has on side the most-up-to-date medical equipment, countless options for recration, and a thermal park with multiple underwater springs. And last, but not least, the Radenci Hotel Resort represents one of the few hotel resorts with four natual healing factor: the mineral water Radenska, the healing thermal-mineral water, the medicinal mud – peloid, and a pleasant climate with more than 250 sunny days a year!

So, we could say, that when one’s heart starts racing these days, it is not because of falling in love IN the Spring, but because of falling in love WITH a spring of thermal water in the Radenci Hotel Resort!


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