Slovenia: Green.Active.Healthy!

GREEN: Forests, waters, principles!

Slovenia and its 65% of forest surfaces belongs to the top most forested European countries. Moreover, with more than 22 thousand animal and plant species, Slovenia belongs to the nature richest countries in Europe. More than one third of Slovenia is protected within the framework of the Natura 2000 project – a European network of special protected areas that were chosen by European Union members in order to preserve important biological diversity in Europe.

Slovenia, with its surface area of only 20 thousand km2, has a total of 28 thousand km of watercourses and more than 1300 lakes. According to the amount of river water per inhabitant, Slovenia is among the richest countries in Europe. Furthermore, Slovenia is also a sea country, whereby one fifth of its Adriatic coast is also protected.

Slovenia carefully preserves its natural richness, which is a feature of all Slovenian regions: the Alps in the North and North-West of Slovenia, Pohorje in the North-East, the Pannonian Plain in the East, the wine-growing hills and locations with thermal water in the South-East as well as the Karst and Adriatic coast in the South and South-West. The natural features everywhere are also connected with cultural features that are changing from region to region.

Slovenia, the fourth smallest member of the European Union, surprises everyone with its incredible natural and cultural diversity.


ACTIVE: In contact with nature

Slovenia is a country of green relaxation – recreation in nature in all seasons.

Incredible pleasures are provided to hikers, climbers and cyclists. More than 10 thousand kilometres of marked hiking trails can be found in Slovenia, with more than 170 mountain huts and 40 hotels with offers for hikers. Information points and accommodation adjusted to cyclists line cycling paths.

During the summer, Slovenia is visited by lovers of water sports on rivers, lakes and the sea. Slovenia has many golf courses on diverse terrain in different regions; moreover, there are adrenaline parks, riding centres and equestrian trails, centres for paragliding, ballooning and riding. During the winter, several winter-sports centres provide possibilities for Alpine, Nordic and off-piste skiers, snowboarders, sled riders, snowshoers and other winter recreation enthusiasts.

Slovenia is also the host of various important competitions – from traditional skiing races, ski jumping events, events in biathlon and cross-country skiing as well as kayaking and canoeing competitions and others. In 2013, Slovenia will also host the European Basketball Championship, EuroBasket 2013.

HEALTHY: The country of well-being

Slovenia is a country of beneficial waters. Tenths of natural thermal sources represent the basis for spa and wellness centres that provide various medicinal preventive, remedial and alternative programmes for the preservation of well-being.

Besides spas based on thermal water springs, there are plenty of areas with health climates and other beneficial effects of nature: from the climate created by the mighty forests to the climate rich with marine aerosols.

Natural spas and excellent wellness centres are the most desirable destinations of the visitors of Slovenia.

After the successful discovery of natural and cultural characteristics near every Slovenian spa, relaxation does you good! The pleasure is additionally supplemented by Slovenian cuisine and wine and, especially, by numerous events and festivals. Moreover, in 2012, Maribor and its partnership towns enjoy the title of European Capital of Culture.



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