Rogaška Slatina’s New Asset

Rogaška Medical Centre has a new neurological office

Rogaška Slatina is one of the most renowned Slovenian tourist towns. Its fame originates in the spring of mineral water Donat Mg (the magnesium-richest water worldwide) and in the traditional health and spa offers. The Rogaška Medical Centre, the biggest private health institution in Slovenia, handles the Rogaška Slatina’s facilities and treatments. The Centre’s health spa focuses on disease prevention, continued treatment of patients with diseases of the digestive system and patients with metabolic disorders. Recently, the Medical Centre included in its offer a new neurological office which provides patients with immediate examinations. Medical doctor, specialised in neurology, evaluates the patient’s condition and suggests further treatment for already diagnosed illnesses. Additionally, if needed, the specialist directs the patient to various diagnostic examinations like MR or CT of head and spine, cardiovascular ultrasound, EEG, EMG, etc. With this new asset, the Rogaška Slatina health resort, as one of the leading health spas in Slovenia, made an additional step in its 400-year old tradition.

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