Rimske terme completely renovated saunas

Slovenian thermal resort Rimske Terme is proud of its 2000 years of tradition. The unique thermal water and the special architecture take one to an ancient Roman paradise with a modern twist.

To bring the facilities even closer to guests’ hearts, the Resort recently opened a completely renovated Sauna land Varinia. The complex, where one can relax the mind and rejuvenate the body, now offers a relaxing oasis of tranquility with programs including wraps, scrubs, swirling air and Kneipp cures.

Several different saunas certainly add to one’s experience. Roman sauna, for example, takes one back in time of famous Roman baths known for their mild flavor and effective anti-stress effect. The Finnish sauna offers streghthening of the immune systen, promotion of metabolism and complete relaxation. Turkish sauna with a 90-100% humidity opens the pores and cleans the skin while it relaxes muscles and soothes respiratory and immune system. And, finally, the infrared sauna can be used as a warm-up before exercise, or helps with weight loss, slows down aging, and has positive effects for pain relief. In addition, the Sauna Land Varinia, since completely renovated, offers also an indoor cold water pool, an indoor massage pool with underwater seats, a rest room, and an outdoor terrace.

All in all, the Sauna Land Varinia offers you a charming way to treat yourself and your loved ones.


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