Hotel Plesnik Celebrates!

Traveling through the history of the iconic Hotel Plesnik reveals a story of family, love, tradition and a passion for socializing in one of Europe’s most beautiful Alpine valleys. Hotel Plesnik’s elm tree embodies their journey – it is one of the symbols of the Logar Valley and represents a bridge between the generations, as well as forming part of the hotel’s recognizable brand.

Along with all of the friends and colleagues of the Plesnik family we were invited to the grand opening of their newly renovated hotel rooms and wellness centre. Arriving at the hotel we were greeted by the amazing mountain backdrop illuminated by a special afternoon light that accentuated the enchantingly beautiful ambience by the green coloured bio pool. The wonderful voice of Manca Izmailova characterized the evening and accompanied guests into the long summer night, a night full of sharing memories, enjoying music and the great company of friends. Hotel Plesnik’s team took care of the cuisine with an excellent cultural programme led by Franci Podbrežnik.

The hotel’s history has deep roots, as the Plesnik family originally owned a hotel in the near vicinity of the current one before the Second World War. The foundation of their project was a small post-war inn that was transformed into a new hotel between 1992 and 1994. It was the following year of 1995 that saw the grand opening and the hotel quickly became synonymous with the modern comfort and familiarity of a countryside house, as well as a boutique family hotel.

Over 20 years of service left its toll, however, and the time came for a renovation

In carrying out the renovation in the spirit of local tradition, the predominant feature is wood. The solid parquet flooring gives you a feeling of warmth and coziness, which continues in the furniture with their modern inserts in elegant white. Bright tones and designer furnishings are the norm throughout, and an especially interesting feature is the lounger that screams: “Take it easy, sit down and just relax!”

As you would expect from a freshly renovated hotel, the rooms boast an ultra modern shower with geometrically shaped tiles in pastel brown. As a whole, the renovated hotel rooms feel very elegant, inviting and pleasant to stay in – excellent bedding and mattresses might be another reason why this is so. A special character is added by the well thought-out lighting setup and original pieces that will be especially noticeable in the winter days.

Hotel Plesnik’s wellness is an intimate and exclusive experience that will fill you with fresh energy.

Enota is a Slovenian architectural company that was responsible for some famous projects, such as the award-winning Sotelia Wellness Hotel in Podčetrtek, and they have applied their touches to the Plesnik’s pool complex. Here they have created an intimate wellness club, offering ‘to die for’ views and an architectural design that has no match in Slovenia. Gravel-stone covered walls define the sauna experience in the basement and subtle lighting aids you in relaxing. An Ayurveda master will take care of all your knots and bring you to a state of Zen.

Nina Plesnik and her team look forward to hosting you!

Taking care of each guest individually and listening to their needs has somehow become embedded in the Plesnik family’s genome. Their wide range of activities, high-quality offer and, most importantly, a feeling of ‘Everything is possible’ keeps guests coming back. The renovation has blown a fresh breeze into their sails and we believe it will reap even greater success.


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