In the Medical Wellness, balneology plays an important role. It is a set of healing methods and rehabilitation with the help of natural healing springs or thermal, mineral and acratothermal waters at the spring or well. Baths in thermo-mineral waters are known for their natural healing effects for centuries. Mineral bath treatments and special therapeutic procedures are only a part of balneotherapy, healing springs are used for drinking purposes as well. Slovenia has that advantage that its climate acts as a natural healing factor. That is why climatology is an accompanying factor of balneotherapy. No matter where you spend your vacation or rehabilitation after having sustained an injury, balneotherapy will be beneficial for your healing process.

In Rogaška Medical balneology specialists determine the type, sequence and correct combination of procedures by considering all the indications and contraindications based on a detailed examination and eventual additional tests. Programme prescribed by the doctor is adapted to the individual needs of the guest and only a correct combination and performance of the procedures can guarantee the optimum effect on the health and well-being.

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