Terme Snovik

Environmentally friendly, small and hospitable.

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Snovik Spa is located in the heart of Tuhinj Valley, 30 km from Ljubljana. The highest lying spa in Slovenia is surrounded by Kamnik Savinja Alps and numerous picturesque villages. Thanks to its location, it represents a perfect spot for a quick getaway for young and old.

Today, Snovik Spa boasts over 1000m2 of water surface in the indoor and outdoor pools, top quality thermal water for bathing and drinking, 4**** accommodation, wellness services, and splendid culinary offer.

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In 2008, the thermal waters of Terme Snovik were officially declared a natural healing agent.

Our water contains no impurities and is rich in magnesium, calcium and other beneficial minerals. It is an excellent drinking water and has exceptional bathing qualities.

Water temperature: indoor pool 32° – 36° C, outdoor pool 26° – 28° C.

Medical Indications:
• back alignment,
• poor posture,
• post-traumatic and post-surgical convalescence,
• chronic rheumatic degenerative diseases,
• joint stiffness and arthritis.

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  • Hiking,
  • Cycling,
  • Velika Planina – 21 km, walk to the herdsmen’s settlement and feel the simple way of the herdsmen’s life, taste their dairy products and admire the unique architecture of the cottages,
  • Volčji Potok Arboretum – 15 km, the most visited horticultural facility in Slovenia,
  • Ljubljana – 35 km, the capital of Slovenia offers culture, sights, activities, and shopping,
  • Kamnik – 9 km, lively medieval town. Rich in history and tradition



  1. Kneipp treatments (including 5 pillars of holistic philosophy)
  2. Healthy thermal water benefits



[image_with_text_over icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg” title=”SPA WOW FACTOR” title_size=”22″ image=”16975″]Healthy thermal water benefits in combination with nature-related outdoor sports activities. A unique experience for an active and relaxing time off.[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg” title=”MOST WANTED TREATMENT ” title_size=”22″ image=”16973″]Massage and Kneipp Therapy in combination with herbs from the garden[/image_with_text_over]


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  • Number of rooms:
    74 apartments, 31 rooms
  • Number of beds:
    374 beds
  •  Hotel Facilities:

    • Restaurant, Bar by the terrace,
    • Indoor swimming pool, 500 m2 with temperature 32-36°C offers Hydrotherapy: waterfall, water mushroom, water curtain, geyser, massage bed, rapid river, whirlpool – jacuzzi, wall hydro massages, floor water massages,
    • Outdoor Swimming pool, 500 m2 with temperature 26-28°C offers: 3 slides, climbing nets, children’s pool with a play area, splashing area
    • Wellness

  •  Health Facilities:

    • Kneipp treatments
    • Physiotherapy: consultation, individual or group therapeutic exercises, Kinesio taping
    • Healthy local produced food
    • Gym

  • Welness and Beauty:
    • Massages: more than 10 different massages
    • Sauna: Finnish, Turkish, ice
    • Body care: Detoxification »EKO Snovik«, Body care »Anti-age«, Body scrub, Anti-cellulite care
    • Facial care: Anti-age, Massage, Manual lymphatic drainage
    • Hand & Foot care: Manicure, Pedicure, Hair removal


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Snovik 7, 1219 Laze v Tuhinju
Petra Zlatoper


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