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For centuries the green region and thermal water have been attracting people to river Krka and Dolenjske Toplice Spa, one of the oldest spas in Europe. During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy this spa was one of the most respectable spas, and today, with modern selection of health and wellness services, still are an attractive spot for guests from all over Europe. Its development is founded on medicinal characteristics of thermal water.

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Dolenjske Toplice Spa has a long tradition of medical rehabilitation. They successfully treat rheumatic diseases of the locomotory system, conditions after injury and surgery, difficulties with back pain and pain in the spine, joints and muscles, and osteoporosis. In health and prevention programs, the physical medicine and rehabilitation methods with emphasis on kinesitherapy are connected with efficiency of thermal water that has a temperature the same as the human body.

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Tempting surroundings of the Dolenjska region spa & wellness centre and the picturesque Krka river valley offer unlimited possibilities for relaxation and recreation for all who like to spend their time outdoors. Dolenjske Toplice is a perfect starting point for excursions to the nearby as well as distant destinations. It also presents numerous possibilities for cycling, hiking, Nordic walking, water sports on the Krka river, skike and other recreational activities.



  1. A perfect wellness break at design Hotel Balnea
  2. Exceptional Japanese sweat bath with hot thermal water



[image_with_text_over icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”15950″ title=”SPA WOW FACTOR” title_color=”#cba9a8″ title_size=”22″]Warm thermal water is a true balm for your body and soul. Wellness luxury for couples: romantic baths and massages. Tailor-made wellness programmes.[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”16291″ title=”MOST WANTED TREATMENT” title_color=”#cba9a8″ title_size=”22″]Vino Bonum organic programme for a relaxing and rejuvenating body treatment with natural treasures of the region of Dolenjska – ecologically produced grapes, herbs and honey. Grapes are beneficial as they are full of antioxidants, minerals and natural oils.[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg” image=”16292″ title=”FRESH AND TASTY” title_color=”#cba9a8″ title_size=”22″]Terme Krka offers you a healthy and diversified diet. You can savour regionally distinctive and tasteful dishes made of high quality nutrient-rich foods.[/image_with_text_over]


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  • Number of rooms:
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  • Hotel Facilities:

    Balnea Hotel – If it’s excellence you seek, then you absolutely must visit the Balnea Hotel. A high-class hotel with top-of-the-range rooms and suites and a panoramic passageway leading to Balnea Wellness Centre.

    Kristal Hotel – Book your time off or your stay during medical treatment at the renovated hotel with a hundred-year tradition and enjoy the tranquil landscape.

    Vital Hotel – If it’s harmony of the nature and a diverse offer of physical fitness activities that you seek, you must visit the Vital Hotel, a hotel with tradition of excellence since 1776. The hotel boasts three indoor pools with thermal water, the nearby Medical Rehabilitation Centre and a gym.

    Otočec Castle Hotel – In the heart of unspoilt scenery, on an islet in the middle of the emerald Krka River, dominantly sits one of the most alluring hotels in Slovenia, the Otočec Castle Hotel. A member of the prestige association of mansions and restaurants Relais & Châteaux, this boutique hotel offers luxurious rooms and suites for the most discerning tastes. Come and experience the times past coupled with all the modern comforts.

    Hotel Šport – The Šport Hotel is a charming 4-star hotel classified also as a hiking and cycling hotel as its great location provides a good starting point for many outdoor activities. It is also suitable for business events.


  • Health Facilities:
    Terme Krka has a rich health resort tradition. We offer high-standard rehabilitation after injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases at our three health centres Dolenjske Toplice Spa, Šmarješke Toplice Spa and Talaso Strunjan. Our facilities include modern diagnostic centres and numerous specialist outpatient clinics. We also carry out preventive programmes. Our medical team comprised of more than 140 members constantly upgrades their knowledge on the national as well as the international level, while their scientific articles contribute to the development of preventive and rehabilitation programmes.
  • Welness and Beauty:
    Balnea Wellness Centre. Next to the magnificent health resort’s park with hundred-year-old trees stands the kingdom of refreshing baths, invigorating massages, revitalizing saunas and water pampering. Their individually planned and custom-made programmes and services for all generations make it one of the most prominent wellness centres. The diverse offer in Balnea is complemented by the Centre for facial and body treatments with its unique programmes for a quality life based on a renowned and efficient method – reflexotherapy.


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