Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa*****Superior

Rebalancing and health in the embrace of medicinal and pampering water flows

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The Spirit Hotel ***** in Sárvár, the five-star-hotel of Hungary was opened in March 2008. The hotel lies on the shores to the seven lakes of Bad Sárvár as well as to beautiful forests and meadows.

The centre of the traditional spa town is within an only 15-minute-walk from the hotel. Bad Sárvár is one of the few “Royal Spas of Europe”.

One of the unique spa hotels in Europe, offering 271 in boutique style furnished hotel rooms and suites, fit to the demands of international five star guests. All rooms have its own balcony or terrace with a nice view and tranquillity.

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Guests can uniquely enjoy the beneficial effect of two different kinds of medicinal waters: the mineral salt water with an exceptionally high salt and mineral content, as well as the 46 degrees Celsius Spirit medicinal water surging up from the 250 million year-old spring from the depths of 1,056 meters. The wellness section is a true oasis with 21 thermal and adventure pools – as well as a 25-meter swimming pool – sprawling across ten thousand square meters of space, coupled with an instantly accessible, yet still separated sauna world, guaranteeing a diverse range of pampering services

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The most beautiful historic city centres are not far from the Spirit Hotel, so why not visit them? Sárvár is a tiny but big-hearted city; Szombathely is a spacious Episcopal centre, the birthplace of Saint Martin; the fabulous romanticism of Kőszeg immediately captures your imagination; the inner city of Sopron is historic picture-book vivified; Győr is a real meeting point, the big city of rivers and corner balconies.



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[image_with_text_over icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg” title=”SPA WOW FACTOR” title_size=”22″ image=”17215″]The Spirit Hotel’s approximately 10,000 square meter Oasis wellness and bathing facility’s 22 pools and Jacuzzis guarantee the complete comfort of its guests. The carefully designed interior space, the canopy deck chairs, and the adventure showers serve the guests’ rest and harmony.[/image_with_text_over]
[image_with_text_over icon=”” icon_size=”fa-lg” title=”MOST WANTED TREATMENT ” title_size=”22″ image=”17216″]Floating provides the experience of weightless drifting. Users can experience deep, perfect relaxation whilst floating on the surface of 30 cm-deep, body temperature water in a special, sound and light-proofed room.[/image_with_text_over]


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Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa*****Superior
Vadkert krt. 5, HU 9600 Sárvár, Hungary
Ms. Krisztina Kovacs


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