Top 5 reasons to join us as an exhibitor

Together with the fact that you will have a great time at SPA-CE, sublime local culinary, jaw-dropping nature and warm-hearted people, we gathered some appealing reasons for you to join us at 9th SPA-CE.

  1. It’s great for your wallet. While prices at other trade shows are increasing, prices for exhibiting at SPA-CE are lower than ever! By taking advantage of the Early Bird Rates available until 31st of July 2017 you can save additional 20 %.
  2. It’s focused, regional and boutique. SPA-CE has always been focused on presenting thermal and natural spas and is therefore attracting hosted buyers looking for new destinations with natural and thermal spas in offer.
  3. It’s very easy to exhibit. We help to arrange your meetings with hosted buyers in advance. When taking your table at SPA-CE, you already know with whom are you meeting.
  4. It’s a great time saver. On average, you spend at least 60 minutes to organize sales meetings, not to mention planning the business trips. At SPA-CE, everything is in one place.
  5. It’s socializing and networking all over. No stress, just a perfect blend of friendly and productive atmosphere, ideal for relaxed matchmaking experience. We carefully plan your time at SPA-CE, not only for the meetings, but also for the networking. Team-bonding activities are the way to present your products to hosted buyers and strengthen your connections. With two evening receptions you can make sure that hosted buyers will remember you – who knows, you might even make some long lasting new friendships.

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